Wednesday, 9 December 2009

My First Blog, La femme

Hey everyone, I've wanted one of these for ages after looking at other great swatch blogs.
I've only stopped biting my nails for about a month now so I thought if I had a reason to keep them long it might stop the temptation.

A while back I wanted a large collection of polish and made the mistake of buying sets of cheap varnish. Now I am collecting Opi and China Glaze ones so the cheap ones are pretty much useless compared.
However... some are really nice so here you go :).

They are by "La Femme" and where £8.50 for 9 bottles.


1) Liberty - Opaque milky pink cream gloss, no shimmer.
2) Tease - Light pearly brown/pink.
3) Amethyst - Nearly silver, slight pink sparkly shimmer.
4) Cadillac Pink - Light pink with gold glitter.
5) Silky Pink - Pearly purple/pink.
6) Pinky Gloss - Opaque pink/purple cream gloss, no shimmer.
7) Hot pink - Medium pink with shimmer.
8) Ultra UV pink - Hot neon pink.
9) Claret - Magenta pinky/purple with shimmer.
10) Blackberry - Purpley/pink shimmer.
11) Silver Streak - Pearly silver shimmer.
12) Silver Moon - Glittery silver.
13) Cherry - Red cream gloss, no shimmer.
14) Ruby Sorbet - Deep red with red shimmer.
15) Sunset - Red/orange with golden shimmer.
16) Ruby Red - Looks quite orange to me, with red/orange shimmer.
17) Carnival - Pearly gold shimmer, not opaque.
18) Marigold - Bronze/gold shimmer, not very opaque.
19) Pulsion - Bronze glitter.


1) Brown Satin - Gold/brown shimmer.
2) Mahogany - Orange/brown/bronzey/gold weird shimmer colour xD.
3) Smooth Velvet - In the first coat it's green with purple glitter, in the second coat its purple with a green shine.
4) Odyssey - Deep shimmers purple.
5) Passion - Medium shimmers purple.
6) Mysterious - Dark blue with silver glitter.
7) Baby Blue - Pearly light blue.
8) Mint - Pearly light green.
9) Green Tea - Light green creamy gloss.
10) Egyptian Gold - Dark green with a lot of gold glitter, looks gold sometimes and looks green sometimes.


1) Azure - Greeny blue shimmer.
2) Emerald - Light green shimmer, this was 4 coats.. quite sheer.
3) Party Pluto - Dark blue/purple with lighter blue shimmer.
4) Purple Passion - Dark pink varnish with purple/pink shimmer.
5) Iris - Blue/silver metalic.
6) Honeymoon Gloss - Medium purple creamy gloss.
7) Glamour Gloss - Pink creamy gloss.
8) Signal Red - Pinky/red creamy gloss.
9) Tuscany - Brown creamy gloss.
10) Nude Gloss - Browny/tan creamy gloss.

Naked gloss and Ebony


  1. Thank you! ^_^ My first follower :P

  2. I think what you'll find is that sometimes the cheap stuff isn't that bad. Before I got really into the polish scene I was the same "Only OPI for me from here on out" and then I realized that the bloggers were embracing drugstore brands and cheap brands and I thought "What gives? Why spend so much on OPI if Sally Hansen is just as good" but in the end it's just a love of all things nail polish. So yes, I still love OPI and China Glaze, but if a drugstore polish catches my eye, there is nothing wrong with that. Keep your cheap polishes around for awhile if you like them.

  3. Oh I am don't worry xD I really like some of these and they stay on for ages.

  4. Oh, focusing on OPI and CG only makes you pass beside lots of little beauties. :) There is good everywhere. See, I find "Glamour Gloss" so beautiful! (I'm a sucker for pink!)