Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Eyeko Varnish.

Hey :)
Today my Eyeko varnish came in the post... 1 was broken =[ which I emailed them about.. and here are the rest.
One of them is now my all time fav varnish so if you like holo's like I do.. you NEED this varnish it's gorgeous!

First is the "Vintage Polish" for elegant nails.
Second is the "Nude Polish" for perfect nails.
Third is the "Lilac Polish" for lovely nails.
Fourth is the "Purple Polish" for electric nails.
Fifth is the "Indigo Polish"
and Last is the "Cosmic Polish" for space age nails (my favourite)

Cosmic polish is black with holo glitter.. sparkles like a rainbow :)

These are 3 more Eyeko Varnish's..
Saucy red, pastel and pretty.

Monday, 28 December 2009

Christmas polish presents :)

These are the polishes I got as part of my christmas present off my gran this year ^_^
(will write names below)

First row - China Glaze - Ruby Pumps, Purple Panic (Neon), Up All Night, Innocence & First And Last (Topcoat/Base)
Second Row - Opi -  Lincoln Park After Dark, Lunch At the Delhi, Shim-merry Chic, Malaga Wine & Mauve-lous Memories.
Third Row - Opi - Done Out In Deco, Yucatan If You Want, Sapphire In The Snow, Nail Envy & Comit Loves Cupid.

Yey :) will Swatch soon.

Friday, 18 December 2009

Christmas Nails

Hey :)
I got bored today so did some christmasy nails.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Sally Hansen Prism

My Sally Hansen Prisms polish came in the post today these swatches arn't great, my lighting is so bad .. but it is a very sparkly holo. The colour is "Blush Diamond"
A peachy brown pink colour when not in the light and a  light pink peachy rainbow glitter in the sun.

Click and enlarge these for a better colour, this is 3 coats.

Friday, 11 December 2009

Eyeko Varnish & free gift etc!

Hey :)
Today I ordered some varnish's from Eyeko .
A set of 5 - Nude, Indigo, Cosmic, Purple and Lilac for just £10! and also Vamp, Pretty, Red and Pastel polish which where £3 each.
I would of gotten the Punk and Disco polish but they are out of stock at the moment.

If you enter the code E7372 at the checkout in the Ambassador Code box you will get a FREE GIFT!!
They also have free international shipping, how much better can it get :P

I can't wait to get mine :)
These are great presents or just stocking fillers for yourself xD
Check them out.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Konad discount codes for ocnailart.com.

Just a quick note for anyone starting out with Konad or of course for the Konad lovers out there.

Here are some discount codes which give 20% and 30% off at ocnailart.com they ship internationally and have fast postage so check these out :) obviously the 30% ones are better than 20% but hey you can only use one, here they are :-

scrangie = 30% off
xsparkage = 20% off
sayanythingbrooke = 20% off
joshura = 30% off
casuallavish = 30% off
konaddict = 30% off

Big thanks to these nail guru's for the codes.
Have fun :)

Random Drug Store Varnish.

Hey, I only put these on to swatch so they are all a bit messy etc but heres some colours.

This is Collection 2000, Button Moon
I like this a lot, a very milky baby blue colour, it reminds me a lot of China Glaze's For Audrey colour... this is a little lighter but I'll compare them sometime. This is 2 coats.

This is Collection 2000, BMX Bandit
It's more light and purple in real life but my camera really wouldnt pick it up well.  This is 2 coats.

This is Revlon, Frostiest Purple
Bit lighter than this in real life, has pink and silver sparkles. This is 3 coats.

Finally this is a Purple glitter polish which I made, this was origionally a small bottle of clear varnish which I added purple micro glitter too and mixed up :) This is 2 coats, It's quite a medium frosty purple colour.
I quite like it. Takes ages to dry though.

My First Blog, La femme

Hey everyone, I've wanted one of these for ages after looking at other great swatch blogs.
I've only stopped biting my nails for about a month now so I thought if I had a reason to keep them long it might stop the temptation.

A while back I wanted a large collection of polish and made the mistake of buying sets of cheap varnish. Now I am collecting Opi and China Glaze ones so the cheap ones are pretty much useless compared.
However... some are really nice so here you go :).

They are by "La Femme" and where £8.50 for 9 bottles.


1) Liberty - Opaque milky pink cream gloss, no shimmer.
2) Tease - Light pearly brown/pink.
3) Amethyst - Nearly silver, slight pink sparkly shimmer.
4) Cadillac Pink - Light pink with gold glitter.
5) Silky Pink - Pearly purple/pink.
6) Pinky Gloss - Opaque pink/purple cream gloss, no shimmer.
7) Hot pink - Medium pink with shimmer.
8) Ultra UV pink - Hot neon pink.
9) Claret - Magenta pinky/purple with shimmer.
10) Blackberry - Purpley/pink shimmer.
11) Silver Streak - Pearly silver shimmer.
12) Silver Moon - Glittery silver.
13) Cherry - Red cream gloss, no shimmer.
14) Ruby Sorbet - Deep red with red shimmer.
15) Sunset - Red/orange with golden shimmer.
16) Ruby Red - Looks quite orange to me, with red/orange shimmer.
17) Carnival - Pearly gold shimmer, not opaque.
18) Marigold - Bronze/gold shimmer, not very opaque.
19) Pulsion - Bronze glitter.


1) Brown Satin - Gold/brown shimmer.
2) Mahogany - Orange/brown/bronzey/gold weird shimmer colour xD.
3) Smooth Velvet - In the first coat it's green with purple glitter, in the second coat its purple with a green shine.
4) Odyssey - Deep shimmers purple.
5) Passion - Medium shimmers purple.
6) Mysterious - Dark blue with silver glitter.
7) Baby Blue - Pearly light blue.
8) Mint - Pearly light green.
9) Green Tea - Light green creamy gloss.
10) Egyptian Gold - Dark green with a lot of gold glitter, looks gold sometimes and looks green sometimes.


1) Azure - Greeny blue shimmer.
2) Emerald - Light green shimmer, this was 4 coats.. quite sheer.
3) Party Pluto - Dark blue/purple with lighter blue shimmer.
4) Purple Passion - Dark pink varnish with purple/pink shimmer.
5) Iris - Blue/silver metalic.
6) Honeymoon Gloss - Medium purple creamy gloss.
7) Glamour Gloss - Pink creamy gloss.
8) Signal Red - Pinky/red creamy gloss.
9) Tuscany - Brown creamy gloss.
10) Nude Gloss - Browny/tan creamy gloss.

Naked gloss and Ebony