Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Eyeko Varnish.

Hey :)
Today my Eyeko varnish came in the post... 1 was broken =[ which I emailed them about.. and here are the rest.
One of them is now my all time fav varnish so if you like holo's like I do.. you NEED this varnish it's gorgeous!

First is the "Vintage Polish" for elegant nails.
Second is the "Nude Polish" for perfect nails.
Third is the "Lilac Polish" for lovely nails.
Fourth is the "Purple Polish" for electric nails.
Fifth is the "Indigo Polish"
and Last is the "Cosmic Polish" for space age nails (my favourite)

Cosmic polish is black with holo glitter.. sparkles like a rainbow :)

These are 3 more Eyeko Varnish's..
Saucy red, pastel and pretty.


  1. Pretty and Pastel polish were lovely but had such horrible formula. Streaky, gooey, weird. Eww. I must say it kept me away from purchasing their new polishes (I loved lilac, vintage and cosmic even if the 2 first were nothing unseen). Did they improve the formula or is that still the same unmanageable mess? :D

  2. It's WAY better, trust me :P I don't like the formula of the others either, I totally know what you mean but the new ones are a lot thinner, kind of jelly like and not streaky at all.
    I'd recommend them :)

  3. It's good to know, thank you! :) I'm glad they improved their formula. What a shame: the pastel blue is one of the loveliest polish I've seen but it drives me crazy each time I'm applying it.

    Will you make pretty hand swatches of all this? I'd love to see all this! :)

  4. Of course :) I'm away until sunday but I'll swatch them for you in my next post ^_^.

  5. I want cosmic SO BADLY! I wish these were avaliable in stores in the US, so that I wouldn't have to order them! Ordering stuff is always such a pain in the butt ;p but I am considering ordering Cosmic...

    xo Caitlin

  6. Oh I know tell me about it, I ordered some china glaze from the US about a month ago and it's still not here >_<
    But on the good side it's free international shipping and they're really cheap :) I love Cosmic ... sometimes it looks plain black which is a bit blah but sometimes it's SO sparkly, I didn't expect it to be holo glitter :) It's really opaque too, 2 coats was plenty.

  7. I've yet to try Eyeko myself. Cosmic Polish is indeed amazing! So much glitter! Lurve...