Sunday, 21 February 2010

Green fingers & Pink holo toes =]

On my fingers today is "Azure" by La Femme.. a cheap polish, cool colour though :)
Deep metallic turquoise / green, dries super fast, this is 2 coats + topcoat.

And my toes... (ew toes xD) is China Glaze - How about a tumble.
I don't think this is a great toe colour I prefer dark toes but nevermind ^^
Still love the holo <3 this was about... 6 coats just because i was trying to make it darker (fail.)


Byee <3


  1. I love the china glaze color it's gorgeous! I've really been eyeing the China Glaze holos lately, trying to find a good ebay seller to buy them from! I agree with you though, I like dark colors on my toes!

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  3. Thanks ^_^
    If I can find the seller I got mine from later I'll send you the link it was SO good, It cost like £2.75 each with postage from America to UK. I think they where like $4 each free postage in the US and $5 to UK.

  4. Hey doll! love your blog! was poking around:) nails are tooo cute! need some china glaze in my life! yay! im a new follower and a new blogger come visit/follow me and we can tweet as well!

    xoxo suzanna