Sunday 1 August 2010

Blog sale, Eyeko, Opi & China Glaze.

Hey guys, I have a few varnish's I don't ever wear so I thought maybe I'd do a blog sale incase anyone wanted to buy them.
I will ship anywhere but if you're not in the UK you have to remember it could take a while (I can't help that) & you'll have to let me know where you live to see the postage price. 

2006 China Glaze Kaleidoscope Collection

Rated Holographic
 I don't think I ever used this? I put it on my nail wheel and then forgot about it, £6.99.

Don't Be A Square
Used once, see post below.. like new £6.99.

Spin Me Round
Again never used, put it on my nail wheel and then forgot about it, £6.99.


China Glaze - Sexy In The City
 Used a few times, writing on the front chipping off a little, £4.99.

China Glaze - I Wanna Lei Ya
About 3/4 left, writing on the front chipping off a little but quite rare? I never see it anywhere £5.50.

Eyeko - Lilac Polish
 Never used on nails, £2.

Eyeko - Indigo Polish
Gorgeous sparkly dark blue, never used £2.

Eyeko - Purple Polish
Used once, like new, kind of a satin finish, £2.

Eyeko - Pretty Polish
Used a few times, more than 3/4 left, £1.75.

Eyeko - Pastel Polish
Used once, like new, £2.

Opi - Yucatan If U Want
 Used once, like new £8.99.

 Opi - Done Out In Deco
I don't remember using this but if I did it was only once, possibly new, £7.99.

If you want any just leave me a message on here and I'll get back to you. :)

Saturday 13 March 2010

China Glaze - Don't be a square

My new camera really sucks for taking nail pictures but here we go...

Pink Holo, sometimes has a hint of brown/tan colour in some lights.
Very pretty like all china glaze holos :)

Sunday 21 February 2010

Green fingers & Pink holo toes =]

On my fingers today is "Azure" by La Femme.. a cheap polish, cool colour though :)
Deep metallic turquoise / green, dries super fast, this is 2 coats + topcoat.

And my toes... (ew toes xD) is China Glaze - How about a tumble.
I don't think this is a great toe colour I prefer dark toes but nevermind ^^
Still love the holo <3 this was about... 6 coats just because i was trying to make it darker (fail.)


Byee <3

Thursday 18 February 2010

Opi 'Yucatan If U Want'

My new colour on today.. not my favourite colour, sort of a reddish brown (can't think of the word).

It's a very shiny creme and easy to apply, this was 3 coats.

Wednesday 17 February 2010

China Glaze, Purple Panic (Neon)

One of my favourite hot pinky purple colours .. it's sort of matte/satin finish, unless you put a shiny topcoat on of course. 
This has been on my nails about 11 days now and only has a few chips, it's great.
My new camera really drains the colour out of my hands! xD ah well...

Thursday 14 January 2010

China glaze kaleidoscope and No7

I know I said I'd do swatches of the Eyeko polish's but I have no nail varnish remover and no camera at the moment so these old ones will have to do for a few weeks sorry =[

This is China glaze...kaleidoscope him out.. light blue holo :)
(more kaleidoscope's when I get my new camera)

And this is No7 - Pink Grapefruit.
Lovely colour but with 3 coats you can still see my nail line a little in real life.

Wednesday 6 January 2010

Random colours :)

Hey sorry I've been away a while, I don't feel great at the moment but I have 3 pictures for today :)
The first one is just a french manicure i tried to do freehand xD This is using China glaze white on white (2 coats) and china glaze innocence (1 coat).

The next is China Glaze - Octa Gone Wild (holo, not a great picture sorry)

And last is Eyeko - Purple polish, (it's sort of satin finish, not shiny..)

Tuesday 29 December 2009

Eyeko Varnish.

Hey :)
Today my Eyeko varnish came in the post... 1 was broken =[ which I emailed them about.. and here are the rest.
One of them is now my all time fav varnish so if you like holo's like I do.. you NEED this varnish it's gorgeous!

First is the "Vintage Polish" for elegant nails.
Second is the "Nude Polish" for perfect nails.
Third is the "Lilac Polish" for lovely nails.
Fourth is the "Purple Polish" for electric nails.
Fifth is the "Indigo Polish"
and Last is the "Cosmic Polish" for space age nails (my favourite)

Cosmic polish is black with holo glitter.. sparkles like a rainbow :)

These are 3 more Eyeko Varnish's..
Saucy red, pastel and pretty.